Rufus Giwa Poly, sacked ASUP chairman trade accusations

The sack was included in a circular issued from the school’s direction and made accessible to NAN at Akure from Mr. Samuel Ojo, the institution’s Director of Public Relations and Protocol.

The circular warned that the staff shouldn’t be observed from the institution, including that members of the people shouldn’t transact business under the school’s auspices with them.

Additionally, it reiterated that the suspension of ASUP actions.

This is to certify that Mr Oluwadare Ijawoye and Mr Ade Arikawe have been dismissed for misconduct, in the support of their Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo; and barred from going into the polytechnic.

The duo cease to become secretary and chairman of the ASUP.

These ASUP leaders’ sack had been the orgasm of this face-off between the marriage and this institution’s management.

Ijawoye had accused the direction of approving and using N68m for its purchase of the institution.

In addition, he stated that the action was against the regulation of Ondo State.

Ijawoye said the marriage had approached an agency, including that information could be made known to the people.

He declared that the council had understanding of this activity and was hoping to”physician some records.

Ijawoye claimed the stand of the union which the council hadn’t any right but a max of N14m.

However, the administration of the institution had ignored the claim of misappropriation.

The direction in a statement requested Ijawoye to conserve his energy by coming the different anti-graft agencies instead of”his nauseating ranting on social media” because he promised to be accountable for different incriminating documents.

Mr Banji Alabi, the chairman of council, was very comfortable, very powerful and wealthy before entering politics.

He is.

Allegation of misappropriation of cash as is laughable.

According to the announcement, the state government knows that the allegation is an effort to discredit the management and the Governing Council.

It added that the action was orchestrated to market elements eyeing officials of the polytechnic from the recruitment’s chairs.

The announcement stated that the emotion was supposed to undermine this government’s eyesight.

Additionally, it explained the activities of ASUP from the polytechnic because it was suspended for a little while by the management of the institution.

Perhaps not a dime has been deposited in the accounts or that of some of those council members of the Governing Council chairman.

For the onus of proof is It’ll be fine if Mr Ijawoye will back his claims together with documents suggesting trades.

Purchasing official automobiles for council chairman and chief officials is , in this example, that the polytechnic didn’t buy brand-new cars but rather used cars and have been bought as appropriated from the polytechnic,” it said.


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