18 suspected internet fraudsters arrested in Lagos (photos)

Dr. Oladipo was suspended Tuesday from the university administration.

He’s a lecturer at the Department of Economics and has been included at the next flow of the movie recording supposedly demanding for intercourse in exchange for entrance by an undercover BBC reporter at a report titled”Sex-for-Admission.”

It had been reported the faculty administration suspended Dr Boniface Igbeneghu of Integrated Studies and the Department of Languages.

The BBC captured in first at the movie recording him.

Prof Ouwatoyin Ogundipe, the Vice-Chancellor of UNLAG, supported Dr Oladipo’s suspension to The Sun from the university direction.

The VC said that”Dr Oladipo was suspended Tuesday for the identical offence Igbenehu,” adding that”he’ll face a panel”

He said the allegations and Dr Oladipo were sex-for-admission rather than encouraged members to refrain and sex-for-grades.

He explained,”The whole incident is unfortunate and tragic since lecturers should be more loco parentis to the pupils.

My appeal to our colleagues would be to extend from a act which may tarnish the image of themselves as well as the college.

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